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Changzhou Lilang Electronic Co.,Ltd.,Which is a company specialized in weighing equipment,is established by professional expert from weighing field.It is a high-tech company specialized in scale business,and all the professional technicians have the experience of more  than decades of years in the scale business.Our products include almost all the indstrial scales,as truck scales,floor scales,bench scales,pallet scales,axle scales,animal scales,stainless steel scales,crane scales,counting desk scale,price scale,weighing desk scale,electronic balance,weighing indicator,junction box,weights,and so on.

Changzhou Lilang Electronic Co.,Ltd. is located in Changzhou,with convenient traffic.It is the center of The Yangtse Delta and the center between Nanjing and Shanghai.We have established mature scales and distributing agents all over the country,and all the salesman and distributors have the ability of service and technicial support.They are ready to provide the customer before and after sales service.Currently,our products have been exported to serveral decades of countries,and well sold in European,American,Asian,and African countries.The products are fully apprasied by the customers.

In order to meet the changing demands of the customers and market,our R&D department is always developing new products,and almos all the new products are accepted and favored by the customers.We are always aiming at the market when we are developing new products.

To provide you our best quality,best service is always our promise.Honesty is the main theme of our company.We hope you can always feel that we are thinking of you.We always try to lead lead the market in the competitive scale market,as we are always innovating and surpassing on the basis of demands from the customer,enquires of the market and the people oriented.

If you are the distributor,it will be your wisest choice to select us.If you are a purchaser from overseas,don't hesitate any more,we are your best partner and choice from China.

Lilang------For creating scale prestige.


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